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Getting into, around and out of another country always has its challenges. However, being well informed before you leave takes the worry out of travelling, and helps your trip go smoothly. Though a trip to Cuba seems undoubtedly romantic and exciting, you'll need to understand how the island works to get the best out of your visit.

Tips for visiting Cuba

What to wear in Cuba
What to wear in Cuba

What to wear

Include cotton clothes and linen or similar fabric which is suitable for most of the year. It is necessary to have some warm clothing appropriate for winter and light for areas where there is air conditioning. For theaters, concert halls, cabaret and fancy restaurants more formal attire is required. It is advisable to come prepared for a rainy day. Please include in your suitcase sunglasses, swimsuit and sun cream anti. 

Food in Cuba, what to eat and where

Eating in Cuba is very economical. The typical food is called Creole is a mixture of Spanish and African cooking. Rice, beans (beans) also called "Moors and Christians" pork (pig), lobster and shrimp (very cheap), sweet potato and cassava especially. The yuca con mojo is a delicacy.

On the palate, small private restaurants offer varied and appetizing dishes.

There are also Chinese companies with abundant restaurants, in addition to typical Chinese meals, offer very exquisite and attractive menus (pastas, pizzas, meats, fish, shellfish) that are really very cheap. For more information on these companies, please contact: all tourist attractions of Cuba.

Bicitaxi in Cuba
Bicitaxi in Cuba

Transportation in Cuba

For tourists, the best thing to move between cities is by taxi. They are inexpensive, depending on which company you pick. In Havana taxis companies OK, Panataxi, Phoenix, Seagull, Big Car. The cheapest and numerous are the Panataxi.

Community Taxis (work by picking up travelers journeys along the way) that is paid in local currency the way. 

In Havana there are small Cocotaxi, tricycles and motor tricycles, very cheap and metered, with which you can move the tourist. 

The Cienfuegos and Bayamo taxis are common and carriages community where tourists are allowed to climb. There are also taxis. It is always advisable to ask at each location the best way to get around.

Friendliness and security in Cuba

People in Cuba is very cheerful, polite and friendly. It is common to hear music everywhere and a couple of little dance (salsa) up in the street itself. Time slows down in Cuba, people are not in a hurry, it is not timely.

Although Cuba is considered a safe country for tourists, you should take the usual security measures unknown to any country, and especially do not stay in a house unauthorized. Remember than allowed in your country can not be allowed in Cuba.

Be a Intelligent traveler in Cuba 

Although Cuba is a safe country and has a low crime rate, you should take some precautions to avoid falling victim to thieves and impostors. Consider these suggestions:

1- Carry only the money you will need to consider during your walks. 
2- Take care of your belongings and purchases especially in populous places.
3- Check the bill at restaurants.
4- Do not listen to people who approach you on the street and are presented as "tour guides".
5- Do not trust those who offer cigars priced cheaper than those sold in authorized by Habanos S. A.
6- Stay away from dark areas and side streets if you are alone, particularly late at night. Always take an official taxi to return to your accommodation.

When leaving the Cuba 

Ensure you arrive at the airport two hours before the flight departure. Make sure you take part of the tourist card that was left at the airport on entry, as the immigration authorities ask. At his departure he requested payment of 25 CUC airport tax.