Travel to Cuba - Useful Informations

Cuba is different from any other place on earth. The island is located in the northwestern Caribbean Sea, 145 km south of Florida, is the largest island in the Caribbean islands and one of the most fascinating. So much so that Cristóbal Colón called it "The most beautiful earth that human eyes have seen".

Island of Cuba Travel

Island of Cuba Travel
Island of Cuba Travel

Cuba is very interesting from many points of view is as pretty as exotic and mysterious. An educated population and very close to the Spanish who tuned perfectly. 

Tropical beaches of incredible beauty, white sands and clear waters reflecting the blue sky. In Old Havana, numerous buildings of extraordinary value, heritage makes this city one of the most beautiful in all of Latin America.Nice tropical climate, abundant flora and a fun nightlife that moves to the sound of salsa, Cuba is a Caribbean island that attracts millions of tourists to its charms. 

It is located among the most attractive tourist destinations in the Caribbean region, has great offers for the entertainment industry, supported by the growing influx of vacationers to the Caribbean Island.Exuberant nature, old traditions and history come together in an area over 110 000 square kilometers, with almost five thousand 800 kilometers of coastline and about 600 of them dedicated to Cuban beaches.

The usual sunsets and the beach is complemented by innovative options such as nature tourism, the diving and the observation of birds that invite travelers to Cuba.

One of the most fascinating things in Cuba is its people. A mixture of races and cultures, African, Asian and European, who is kind, tolerant and welcoming. 

In the capital itself, the presence of beaches points east, where is located the so-called Blue Circuit, with over 15 kilometers of coastline, with special highlight to the place known as Santa Maria del Mar. In western Cuba, the famous Varadero captures 22 kilometers corresponding to Cuban beaches, always ready with its clear waters and white sands.

But not everything is the color of snow between Cuban beaches, also located sites with black sand, as the striking Bibijagua in Isla de la Juventud, or brown, in Marea del Portillo, in the eastern province of Granma.You have to travel to Cuba because it is a natural paradise and wild, the population may show a human side important and can give a lesson in poise, good living and sharing knowledge. A stop is mandatory Havana, while not resembling the rest of the island, has a charm not to be missed.