Rent Rooms - Useful Informations

Due to the economic situation in the country, many owners decided to put their houses apartments and some rooms of their homes (usually very spacious) for foreign tourists rent and they was convert in Rent Room.

Arrendador Divisa

Arrendador Divisa House Sign
Arrendador Divisa House Sign

For this service, charges a price much cheaper than a room at one of the hotels in the country, while offering excellent services, exquisitely decorated rooms and all the amenities needed for a pleasant stay. 

Personalized treatment that gives the visitor the possibility of approaching the Cuban people that make the private homes, as they are also called, a very attractive option for lodging when traveling to Cuba. New regulations on housing rental housing provided, rooms and spaces in Cuba, to promote self-employment and alleviate the situation of the housing deficit in the country. 

This facilitates the exercise of that self-employment for the population, as an alternative employment. Owners must display this logo allowed in the front door of the house or apartment. Unlike other private businesses on the island, renting rooms to foreign tourists became regulated state-only since 1997, before that date were not paid taxes for this activity.

Right now they pay high taxes and controls are very strict in this activity. The owners ensure the safety of all properties and belongings of tourists and foreigners. The houses / rooms or fully comply with established national regulations. It offers great hospitality and provides a gentle support.