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Private home is the term used in Cuba to describe a house, or a private apartment owned by a Cuban family in which the service is offered for rent or lease to tourists to stay during your vacation. It is considered a type of pension typically operated a family residence where guests can be accommodated in private houses or apartments, which can be independent or shared, depending on your choice.

Accommodation Service

Private House in Cuba
Private House in Cuba

The business can be operated either as a primary occupation or as a secondary source of income, and the attending staff is usually the owner of the house and the family members who live there. These owners and tenants have been approved and authorized for renting rooms to tourists and foreigners by the Cuban government, for that all listed properties are fully compliant with established national regulations, and therefore should show logo (Arrendador en Divisa) in the front door of the house or apartment.

The accommodation service to tourists in private homes offering very low prices compared to the lodgings in hotels. Most of them offers other services such as dining, laundry, tour guides, spanish and dance lessons, car rental of classic old cars.

The rooms are very clean and adjust to tourist standards. The basic offer of accommodation is an air conditioned room with a bed, a cupboard, a small table and a private bathroom. Other features found may be a telephone, an alarm clock, a television and DVD player, Safe Box.

Generally offer accommodation for no more than 6 people and is recommended for anyone who wants to stay in a private home during the high season (November to March) reservations weeks in advance.

Many of these homes are members, and are promoted in several books and international guidebooks.Staying in a private home can be one of the most interesting experiences you can enjoy during your trip to Cuba.

The homes have several advantages over other types of accommodation

1 - Customers can quickly develop friendly relations with the owners of the house, in addition to being deeply involved in the culture. Before the tourists know it, will be considered part of the family that is staying.

2 - The host usually enjoys a pure atmosphere, free, quiet, feels like at home, and invite more friends.

3 - Private homes are much cheaper than hotels.