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Cuba is a scenario of a healthy people with a highly developed health system that relies on a research and production subsystem encompasses treatments, medical technology, medicines and technologies, many of them unique in the world with a totally Cuban knowhow. There in Cuba insurance companies that are responsible for providing specialized medical services for their performance counting with highly competent professionals and infrastructure of the National Health System, as well as a network of both medical tourism facilities distributed throughout the island geography.

Travel Insurance

Cira Garcia Hospital Medical Service
Cira Garcia Hospital Medical Service

Travel Insurance underwritten by insurance companies Cuban and most international insurance companies, have the travel assistance services in Cuba 24 hours and 365 days a year. All travelers, foreign and Cubans living abroad, coming to the country need to have a travel insurance policy to cover medical expenses in Cuba.

The policy must be purchased at the point of origin. The traveler arriving in the country is under control, shall present a policy, insurance certificate or traveling assistance card, valid during your stay in Cuba.

According to practical experience, over 80% of people who visit Cuba, they do have an insurance from companies at their countries of origin covering their medical expenses in Cuba.

For residents of the United States traveling to Cuba will have to acquire the policy in origin with the Cuban insurance coverage, which is marketed through agencies associated with Havantur-Celimar inability to have U.S. insurance companies provide coverage in the Cuban national territory.

Visitors to Cuba not only find the natural beauty of the island, the proverbial hospitality of its people, but also absolute safety, which includes of course the well-being and health. For medical emergencies of any kind, the Cuban health system guarantees the necessary medical care through a network of clinics and hospitals, covering even the remotest corners of the country. In the vast majority of hotel facilities provided primary medical care.

Cira Garcia Doctors Hospital
Cira Garcia Doctors Hospital

Hospitals in Havana, Doctors and Pharmacies

Cira Garcia Hospital:

A General Surgical Hospital for the exclusive attention to adult and pediatric patients, in most medical specialties, Surgical and Obstetric Gynecology. Central Clinic "Cira García" belongs to the system that provides specialized medical care and preventive and curative rehabilitation. Among the services provided are in the inpatient, outpatient, emergency, diagnostics, dentistry, plus home services and medical escort patients from and / or to their country of origin by a group of doctors and nurses recognized.

The clinic employs staff with professional doctors, dentists, registered nurses and other professionals and health technicians attached to an associated set of renowned specialists and qualification, enables it to provide its services and meet the needs of any patient and their families. The excellence of care offered is based on their services are at the same level as that reached in the field of global medicine and supported by professional and scientific-technical level of its staff, its ethical and human values which may make patients feel secure and confident in the services they receive to the full satisfaction of their expectations in relation to the care and well-being as humans.

Address: No. 4101 41 Ave Miramar, Havana.

Phone: 204-2811/12/13/14

Hospitals in Havana, Doctors and Pharmacies

Optical Miramar: 

Unit: 7th and 24 St, Miramar. Havana. 
Phone: (53 7) 204-2269 · 204-2990.
Arrinda: Neptune 411, Centro Habana. Havana. 
Phone: (53 7) 863-2161.

International Center for Neurological Restoration (CIREN): 
25 St No. 15805 Avenue e/ 158 and 160. Havana. 
Phone: (53 7) 33-6087 or 33-6003.

International Center of Pigmentary Retinitis "Camilo Cienfuegos":
L Street # 151 corner and 13, Vedado. Havana. 
Phone: (53 7) 33-3538 · 33-3539. 

International Clinical Eastern Beaches: 
Terraces Avenue # 36, Beach Santa Maria del Mar. Havana.
Phone: (53 7) 97-1032 · 97-1651 · 97-1626. 

Varadero International Clinic: 
61 St corner A to 1st. Matanzas. 
Phone: (53 45) 66-7710 · 66-7711 or 66-8611.
Email: -

Cienfuegos International Clinic: 
37th Street # 202 e / 2 and 4, Punta Gorda. Cienfuegos. 
Phone: (53432) 55-1622 or 55-1623. 
Email: -

Trinity International Clinic:
Street Lino Perez # 130 Reforma corner. Sancti Spirits. 
Phone: (53 419) 6492.

International Clinical Cayo Coco: 
Hotel Tryp Cayo Coco Club. Ciego de Avila. 
Phone: (53 33) 30-1300 ext. 240 and 241.

International Clinic of St. Lucia: 
Residence 4, Playa Santa Lucia. Camagüey. 
Phone: (53 32) 36-5300 or 36-6203.

International Clinical Guardalavaca:
2nd Street. s / n, Playa Guardalavaca. Holguín.
Phone: (53 24) 3-0291.

International Clinic of Santiago de Cuba: 
Raul Pujol Avenue corner 10, Park Ferreiro. Santiago de Cuba.
Phone: (53 22) 642 589. 


Medical Surgical Research Center (CIMEQ). 
Street 216 E/13 and 15. Rpto. Siboney, Havana City. 
Phone: 833-6440 (Manager).
Fax: 833-6497/99.


Camilo Cienfuegos Hospital (Retinitis): 
L and 13 Vedado, Havana. 
Phone: 833-3599.

Cira Garcia:
Avenue 41 No. 4101, Beach, Havana City. 
Phone: 204-2880.

International Pharmacy (SERVIMED):
41 Ave corner A 20th Street, Beach, Havana City. 
Phone: 204-2051.

For more information on planning your trip to Cuba please contact the Embassy or nearest Consulate of Cuba or the offices of the Cuban Tourism Ministry. You can also visit the site of the insurance company Asistur (