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This is the ideal place for all lovers of the bolero, the musical style first made popular in Latin America in the 1940s, and which is now experiencing something of a come-back, particularly in Europe. This is due mainly to the success of the group "Buena Vista Social Club ", who have certainly been given a helping hand by the documentary film of the same name. Visitors have the chance to enjoy the rhythmic and romantic sounds played by traditional bolero bands. At midnight the "jam" session begins in the Salón del Bolero or Bolero Room, which is when the audience can sing along with the musicians.

Touristic and Cultural Complex "Dos Gardenias"

Dos Gardenias Night Show
Dos Gardenias Night Show

Cabaret, show, restaurant, souvenirs and bolero's atmosphere. Touristic and Cultural Complex "Dos Gardenias" with three diferent cuisines, Cuban, Chinese and Italian. Enjoy the traditional Cuban music plus offers of licquors and pastries, cigars's store and much more.

Everything sounds better when you name bolero. The resort Cultural Dos Gardenias, is named after a famous Cuban bolero composer Isolina Carrillo. Hence one of its spaces, the lounge Bolero, has been designed to cultivate the genre, so you can enjoy live performances from leading boleristas the country in a cozy atmosphere where refreshing drinks are offered in addition to the cocktail Cuban.

Dos Gardenias also has a Licorera Bombonera, a cafeteria Pain de Paris, a House of Snuff, a VideoBar, with live performances by groups of small format, music videos, karaoke and humor, interactive animation with the customer through a host, Karaoke and humorous presentations and musical groups of small format. Besides three specialty restaurants Creole, Italian and Chinese, where every night acting Cuban traditional music groups. 

Dos Gardenias is a resort where you can choose from restaurants. This is one of the places where you can listen live boleros, almost touching hands with the musicians. 

Dos Gardenias Restaurant
Dos Gardenias Restaurant


Address: 7th Avenue corner 26th Street, Miramar, Playa

Phone: 204-9517, 204-8188, 204-2353