The Marina Hemingway - Day and Night Attraction

The Hemingway Marina, located in the capital of the island, is listed as a flagship center in the field of water sports, including internationally known for his role as organizer of renowned events, which include regattas and fishing tournaments. The Marina Hemingway is considered an ideal place for travelers who enjoy sailing through the Caribbean sea.

The Marina Hemingway

The Marina Hemingway in Cuba
The Marina Hemingway in Cuba

The Marina is situated 23 km from the city center, to the west, is a modern and luxurious first class resort that offers every comfort. It has a magnificent marina with anticyclonic design, able to berth in his four-channels each of five meters to 400 boats, and even provide some 200 of them the conditions for life on board mode.

The Marina Hemingway Tourist Community is considered an ideal place for lovers of the marine environment, with options such as shopping centers, Casa del Habano, medical, marine hardware, Cybercafe, pharmacy and local transportation, among other facilities.

It provides crews with basic services (water, electricity, fuel, communications and cable television), but there is also the infrastructure to accommodate vacationers in lodgings for the most demanding tastes.

For those who enjoy sailing in the Caribbean, the Marina Hemingway is ready to receive in case of contingencies, with a nautical shop in a position to assume the repair of ships.

Among the novelties, considered by many as a sign of acceptance of the facility in the world, this stay-called megayachts, which are but vessels larger than normal vessels and a luxury-oriented maximum comfort occupants.

Access to the marina is very easy, the forecasters make their reservations in advance, and in case unexpected visitors a warning signal on channel 16 VHF, system used in international shipping services, is more than enough to ensure a space at the base.

For accommodation there are facilities such as Aquarius Hotel, 383 rooms (including 282 doubles), coupled with attractive houses and bungalows installation.

With a well-earned reputation in the entertainment industry in the largest Antillean island, the resort also has restaurants with a varied cuisine, which ranges from Cuban and international food to the Spanish Palmares Festival Bar, via La Cova Pizza Nova (Italian) and Papa's Bar (seafood specialties).