The Giraldilla - Macumba Havana

Exclusivity is a feature that distinguishes the nightclubs of Havana, where Cuban music invites you to experience various styles and genres with shows that include presentations ranging from jazz, boleros, traditional folk music, salsa bands, until Cuban reggeton the busiest. Everywhere and at all times hear the famed Cuban salsa music and can not contain the desire to dance.

The Giraldilla

The Giraldilla NightClub
The Giraldilla NightClub

To savor Cuba in its most perfect night, we recommend a unique place, "The Giraldilla", being as they say "the perfect combination of day and night." It has very good space, ranking Havana as a resort. Here you can see Macumba Cuban nightclub dance parade where the best orchestras.

The Giraldilla not only the emblem of the city of Havana, but the name of a unique resort, nightclub known worldwide as a mecca of dance, according to the most prestigious dance orchestras patio.

This place was built in the twentieth century, during the time was changing towards adapting to modern tastes different. By this time you can see many arrangements as a dip in the pool, restaurant subdivided by different specialties, created an area for children, and of course La Macumba which has its doors open until 4 am. The Giraldilla seats 400 people, with beautiful gardens to enjoy.

A special place "Gardens D'La Source" can be enjoyed in all its glory, specializes in recreating the evening hours with food that offer "assorted tables" and acting in small groups. Its main attraction is the source of Carrara marble, which has an age of 270 years. Another important area is "Los Naranjos", is visited by his Spanish cuisine, but you can taste international cuisine.

Address: Street 222, corner 37, The Colonel, The Lisa.

Phone: 273-0568, 273-0569.