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Karl Marx Theatre, the largest theater of the island, considered the theater of great events in Cuba. Is founded: 1975, based on: 1st Street. and 10, Miramar, Playa, Havana City.

Karl Marx Theatre

Karl Marx Theatre
Karl Marx Theatre

The Teatro Karl Marx, former Teatro Blanquita, opened on December 30, 1949, in Paris to show U.S. New York, the company of Walter Lou magazines. The then Senator of the Republic Hornedo Alfredo Suarez did subsequently build the largest theater in the world, then with a capacity of 6750 seats, the Teatro Blanquita name in honor of his wife. For economic reasons, the closure occurred in 1955.

In the early 60s the Blanquita became Charles Chaplin Theater, and December 17, 1975, when he began the historic First Congress of the Communist Party of Cuba, passed to appoint Karl Marx Theater.

Since then, until 1976, under the auspices of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of Cuba, witnessed important meetings of the Government, the Party, the State and the mass organizations of the performances of Joan Manuel Serrat, the Set Markovic Suetozar Yugoslav Dance, and the Body Polish National Dance and Singing Mazowsze and other international stars. Since 1977 have been performed in the Teatro Karl Marx's Adolfo Guzman Music Competitions.

In 2003, the institution became the Cultural Complex Karl Marx, and continues to be the headquarters of the major political events, social and cultural affairs. It is also known as theater of great events.

Since its founding as Teatro Blanquita, their scenarios have paraded internationally renowned figures as Agustin Lara, Rita Montaner, Antonio and Manolo Paso, Benny Moré, Perez Prado Orchestra, the Royal Ballet of London, and the National Ballet of Cuba, among others.

It has been the scene of large national shows, including comedies and revues, comedians, variety shows, concerts of groups, soloists, and a diverse programming for children and youth.