Casa de la Musica Centro Havana - NightClub Attraction

One of Cuba's best and most popular nightclubs and live-music venues. All the big names play here, from Bamboleo to Los Van Van – and very cheap to see them.

Casa de la Musica Centro Havana

Casa de la Musica Centro Havana NightClub
Casa de la Musica Centro Havana NightClub

The arrival of the New Millennium surprises us with the existence of several record labels, including the most traditional, EGREM, was promoting an initiative formidable: the creation of a place where, in addition to selling records and musical instruments, there is a space for the presentation of our groups and soloists in a much more intimate than a theater and more stage time that I could give a cabaret show. Thus was born the House of Music of Havana, located in the heart of the city. Tastefully decorated and with capacity for 600 people, the new home of music in Havana, has room for all genres, something that sets it apart from the rest which so far had been promoted essentially popular dance music.

Like its predecessors, this House of Music has a shop for the sale of records and musical instruments. Sita in between Neptune and Concordia Galiano, Havana House is now a new and necessary destination for those who come in search of good music offerings. As we say in the EGREM, without visiting this site, your stay in Cuba is not complete.

It features a spectacular living room with three bars on the ground floor and the first, smaller one with a bar. The sound is very good and its programming, which favors a great atmosphere every day. The ticket price depends on the quality of the artistic, generally very good.

Address: Calle Galiano and / Concordia and Neptune.

Centro Habana. Havana.

Tel (537) 8624165, 8608296.