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La Ferminia is one of the best Cuban restaurants in town. It is also among the best places to sample the local Creole cuisine. It is located in the exclusive area of Miramar, in a beautiful mansion with numerous individual rooms, each one of them with a capacity to accommodate between 20 and 30 people.This memorable restaurant set in an elegant converted colonial mansion in the leafy neighborhood of Flores. Dine inside in one of a handful of beautifully furnished rooms, or outside on a glorious garden patio.

Ferminia Restaurant

Ferminia Restaurant in Cuba
Ferminia Restaurant in Cuba

Besides the already recognized traditional house style in international cuisine with various menus, bar, cocktail bar and wine cellar, Cumshots Swords are one of its great attractions for the quality of the meats, exquisite processing coal, the price and economic possibility that the client eat desired quantities.

Swords are liver with bacon, sausage (chorizo, morcilla and blanquette), chicken, pork and two beef cuts (loins and steak tip), all garnished with moro rice, vegetable salad, baked potatoes, sauces accompanying basket of breads, dessert, coffee and a liquid of choice, for just 14.95 CUC.

Address: 5th. Ave No. 18207 esq. to 184, Playa.

Phone: (53 7) 2711435. Fax: (53 7) 2736555.

E-mail: ferminia@ehtsergioperez.co.cu