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This restaurant is named after the novel "La Cecilia" by Cuban writer Cirilo Villaverde and offers a wide selection of traditional dishes. Located in the exclusive Miramar.

Cecilia Restaurant

Cecilia Restaurant in Cuba
Cecilia Restaurant in Cuba

There is a good selection of fine wines and an increasingly popular cabaret. The food is excellent and carefully prepared, with a menu that consists mainly of seafood and Creole dishes, such as rice and roast pork congrí.

The atmosphere is quiet, and the restaurant is surrounded by tropical plants. In the background, there is a rustic log cabin that provides the framework for traditional Creole cuisine. The drink of the house is the canchánchara, mixing rum, honey and lemon.

La Cecilia Restaurant is a luxury restaurant, very welcoming, where there is great food and hotel owners. Ideal for: couples, families with children, with friends, groups. Recommended for: Business, romance, entertainment, special occasions.

This is an immensely popular place on a Friday and Saturday night for its concerts and nightlife. As a restaurant, this has been around forever and markets itself as a high-class place serving international food.

Cecilia Restaurant Nightlife
Cecilia Restaurant Nightlife


Address: 5th Avenue and / 110 and 112, Miramar, Playa.

Phone: 202-6700, 204-1243, 204-1562.

Email: calidad@cecilia.cha.cyt.cu