La Nenita

Our house is located only 200 meters from the center of the city, has a room with two large beds, a camera and other staff, air conditioning, hot and cold water, both the bathroom and the room were repaired The house has a large patio where there is a great va...

Casa Particular: La Nenita

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Languages: La Nenita Rent - Accommodation in Baracoa La Nenita | Baracoa La Nenita | Места на Barakoa

LANDLORD: Ydania de la Caridad Lazo Gainza


SEASONAL PRICE: Least-25 CUC / Higher-25 CUC

LOCATION: Baracoa, Guantanamo

Nowadays the rent of private rooms in Cuba is the category most used by tourists who visit the island. This way, besides being more economic, allows them to know in depth the daily life, the culture and the soul of the Cubans, in the streets and in the unforgettable encounters with the protagonists of our first town founded in 1492. Our first Villa ¨Our Lady of the Assumption of Baracoa¨ has a nature and places like you will not find it in all of Cuba.

Our house is located only 200 meters from the center of the city, it has a room with two large beds , A camera and another staff, has air conditioning, hot and cold water, both the bathroom and the room were the object of a capital repair so everything is new, has large and comfortable terrace, our home has a large patio where there is large A variety of fruit and citrus trees, including mango (of three types), guava, coconut, bananas, grapes, apricot, cherry, granadillo, lemon and papaya, from which excellent juices and natural refreshments of excellent Quality.

The gastronomic services are on request and 24 hours a day, laundry and ironing services are also offered. Among other data of interest we can mention that it is a single-level dwelling, the room is totally independent as well as its bathroom. The excellent quality of the prepared dinners has been praised by all those who have traveled there highlighting the fish to the holy barbarian prepared with coconut milk, dissimilar and traditional Cuban drinks are also prepared for the client's enjoyment. > Our house is located very close to the Baracoan port and the Castillo Hotel. We provide transportation services to all tourist facilities and places of interest as well as gastronomic service for excursions outside the city and transfers outside the province. We accept children.

The rental price depending on the season of the year, the demand for rent and the type of room and it is from 25 CUC to 25 CUC. Book with us and you will get the best price available on the market for La Nenita. Usually, payment must be in CUC upon arrival at the rantal place.

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Código de Seguridad

La Nenita more info

Property Type: Private Room

Location: City

Not suitable for pets

Suitable for children

Host languages: Spanish, English


Private Bathroom

Electricity 110V - 220V

Hot and Cold Water

Air Conditioning

Other services:

Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, Laundry