We work only with Authorized Accommodation

RentCubanHouse ensures that all accommodation listed in our directory have been approved and authorized for rent rooms to tourists and foreigners by the Cuban Government. We verify all them and guarantee that all accommodations comply with established regulations and Arrendador Divisa.

Arrendador Divisa Sign

Arrendador Divisa
Arrendador Divisa

Since 1997 the Cuban government allows residents to rent rooms in their houses to tourists, they are called Casas Particulares. Cubans with a special license can rent rooms in their homes or whole apartments to foreigners. You can recognize them from the street by the blue signs, legal Casas must post this sign on their front doors. The signs will read: "Arrendador Divisa". This logo will be displayed at the entrance of the house or apartment. Sign 'arrendador divisa' for Cuban 'casa particular', that means 'bed and breakfast', this symbol is used all over cuba where people have rooms for rent. In September 2010, the government announced plans that would allow casa owners to rent out their entire home as an independent rental property

In many cities in Cuba you also can stay in illegal casas, mostly these casas are much cheaper than the official registered casas. You must take care of this and remember that you can get kicked out in the middle of the night when they get a visit from official people who check the casas from time to time for their casa licensee. Besides this, the owner risks to lose his house, this is one of the fines in Cuba when having an illegal casa particular.