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RENTCUBANHOUSE is a directory of casa particular, lodgings, inns and private homes for rent in Cuba. It allows to make reservations for all travelers who want to visit Cuba.

Through RENTCUBANHOUSE allow you direct contact with the owners of private houses or apartments in which will be hosted, without ANY INTERMEDIARIES for FREE.

Travelers to Cuba can find and select the houses or apartments for rent in a personalized way to meet their needs, provides all the information about the place where they want to stay. The room reservation will be confirmed in a space no larger than 24 hours from the time that the traveler makes a reservation and their data will not be used for other purposes other than the reservation (see Privacy Policy).

Our directory has a group of casa particular, houses, guest houses and Apartments divided by destinations and areas. All have given official permission by the Cuban government to hire foreign tourists and have been visited and verified by our working group. In addition all rooms of these houses and apartments are comfortable, cozy, safe, offering the lowest prices for the benefit of visitors and have been carefully selected to meet the most demanding conditions thus able to provide an excellent service.

The team of RENTCUBANHOUSE has highly qualified professionals in various subjects that handles all the work of both the directory information as the review and approval of the houses or apartments. Our main objective is to promote hire rooms in houses and private apartments in Cuba.

If you need more information about our services or any other matter relating to our directory please contact us through our Contact Us. We are always ready to help you. Thank you very much.